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MetFone is the leading mobile operator in Cambodia, with the most extensive, reliable and trusted network. It is the brand name of Viettel (Cambodia) PTE. LTD., a member of one of the world’s fastest-growing telecom operators, Viettel Group. According to GSMA Wireless Intelligence, Viettel Group is among the top 15 telecom companies globally when ranked by the number of cellular connections.

The name “Met” was selected for Cambodia because it means “friend” in Khmer, and conveys our desire to build a truly Cambodian company to serve Cambodians.   

When MetFone launched its service nationwide in February 2009 there were seven mobile operators in Cambodia. Three ― Mobitel, Mfone and TMIC ― had been operating in Cambodia for around 10 years and were the dominant players.

Mobitel (a joint venture between Cambodia’s Royal Group and international partner Millicom) led the market with a share of more than 50%. However, the market at that time was concentrated primarily in major urban centers. Most rural areas ― where 80% of Cambodia's population lives ― had no network coverage.

MetFone began expanding along national roads to rural areas, expanding coverage to those who had previously been isolated.

At that time, most operators used microwave transmission technology for their networks. As a result, Cambodia’s telecom infrastructure, which was already in a fragile state after decades of conflict, was limited to less than 2,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable and around 1,700 base transceiver stations. Cambodia lagged the region, with a mobile penetration rate of about 20%. Moreover, due to an overreliance on developing mobile networks, fixed lines had been neglected.

For years, the total number of fixed-line subscribers was almost unchanged at about 40,000. Internet services, mostly dial-up, were available in some major urban centers, but the costs were among the highest in the world. The penetration rates for both fixed phone lines and the Internet were below 0.5%. 

How we work


MetFone provides the most extensive and reliable network coverage in Cambodia, as well as the fastest 3G and 4G LTE services. We also provide smartphones and other information technologies and devices. We are a major employer, having created nearly 2,000 jobs for Cambodians.

MetFone also invests heavily in education and healthcare to improve quality of life invested and accelerate development.


Our company continually strives to innovate and personalize information technology, telecommunications and digital content services to deliver the highest value possible to our customers.

Our aim is to deeply embed sustainability in our culture, v­­­­­­­­­­alues, decision-making, products and services in order to ensure MetFone is a sustainable business positioned for long-term growth by leading and shaping positive change.



  • Our business strategy has five goals.
  • l Bringing information technology and telecommunications to every person, every family and every corner of social life
  • l Investing to build the most extensive network with the best possible coverage
  • l Bringing the most advanced technology to Cambodia
  • l Diversifying our services to cater to all customers
  • l Pricing to suit every market segment

More about Metfone

How about a career in Metfone?

The company’s name comes from a Cambodian word ‘Met’ which means friend. The decision behind such a name came from the company wanting to represent itself as a truly Cambodian company (brand placing strategy). This goes on to show that the company is proud of its Cambodian roots making jobs in Metfone perfect for Cambodians.

The company officially launched its telecom services on 19th February, 2009 nationwide. There were seven mobile operators already in Cambodia at that time - a competitive environment for the company to enter. But backed by Viettel group the company had enough firepower to chase down the competition..

History of Metfone Cambodia

When Metfone officially launched its services in 2009, it had to face competition from sevenexisting mobile operators, out of which 3, including Mobitel, Mfone and TMIC had been in the market for over a decade. For years the market had been led by Mobitel, having a 50% market share. But still the vast majority of the network coverage was concentrated in the urban areas and main cities. However, a little expansion was made by Mfone towards the rural part, but it mostly remained around the area of the national roads. For a country which already had a fragile infrastructure, destroyed by years of war, such an approach by companies could not really develop the telecom network, limiting the optical fibre network to 2000 kms. Therefore, Cambodia lagged behind with just 29% mobile penetration and having just 40,000 fixed line subscribers. The fixed line subscribers and internet penetration stood at a meagre 0.5 percent at the time. This presented an opportunity that was perfect for Metfone to tap into.

Growth experienced by Metfone

With the help of an exciting and hard-working team, the company grew at a phenomenal rate from day one. In 2010 according to the statistics from Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC), Metphone had overtaken Mobitel in terms of market share. The company had gone from the last place (eighth) to the number one spot within a year. This gave an opportunity for people to grow within the company: jobs at Metfone had suddenly become the most sought after.

Between January 2010 to April 2011 Metfone increased its subscriber base by a staggering 300% to reach more than 6 million. Revenues had increased 5 times during the same period- impressive figures considering the issues in the world economy at the time.

The fierce competition in the industry slowly started shifting to gradual consolidation, with Mfone declaring itself bankrupt and Beeline Cambodia sold to Russia’s second largest telecommunications group Vimpelcom in 2013.

Story of Metfone Cambodia today

Metfone is currently headquartered in Phnom Penh and still holds the number one spot in the telecom space in Cambodia. The future for the company seems brighter than ever before. They seem determined to retain their position through a series of acquisitions. The most significant being that of Beeline. Metfone acquired the struggling Beeline Cambodia on March 24, 2015. With this acquisition the company plans to make extensive use of the already existing infrastructure, telecommunications frequency and outlets of the Cambodia’s fourth largest mobile operator. This will result inan increase in the number of Metfone job vacancies, as well as providing an excellent opportunity for job seekers to dive into an exciting career path.

The industry is in a shift phase and as is believed by the consultancy firm Mekong Strategic Partners, the Cambodian mobile service market will quickly see the number of players from six to three companies. Stephen Higgins, the managing partner with the firm was cited as saying “It is really just Viettel mopping up Beeline’s user base. Beeline has been struggling for some time, and didn’t have the scale to compete with the major players, particularly given the need to invest in a next generation 4G network.” The story of the lower end players is believed to be the same if they don’t switch to newer technology soon.

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