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Preah Sihanouk
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Full time
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Hotels / Lodging
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Employer (Private Sector)
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To effectively work on all food elements of Song Saa Resort, ensuring that the highest standards are established and maintained


To support the Chef De Partie in cooking and Mis En Place of the section on a regular basis strictly following the lead of the Sous Chef and adhering to the working schedule without fail. To undertake kitchen food preperation when detailed by Sous Chef or Executive Chef. To undertake Chef training as per Sous Chef or Executive Chef.

Reports to:

  • Chef de Partie, Sous Chef & Executive Chef.  In his absence; Sous Chef.



  • To uphold the company beliefs and Brand DNA at all times
  • Mise en Place
  • All food handlers must follow best practice when handling food - to stop contamination / illness
  • To support a department / section i.e. Fish, Meat, Pastry, Larder
  • Ensuring and enforcing the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation within the establishment and the designated area of work. Clean as you work
  • To arrive at work on time, as per your roster, and remain at work until service for your shift that day is completed
  • To understand STANDARDS as set by Song Saa and to maintain them as documented
  • To assist in making the F&B a profitable department
  • Relieve other positions if needed i.e. Off day, sick day or other
  • Will be required to work in all areas of the kitchen
  • To learn and apply all principles of cooking within the kitchen
  • To support seniors in leading his or her section, suggest possible new measures, means and ideas to the Chef de Partie on duty, Executive Chef and Sous Chef
  • To assist and give direction to the Commis Chef and training chefs (stewards)
  • To support the department and section until the work is complete and also if the required/delegated work has not been achieved
  • Proper handling and maintaining of all equipment within the Kitchen and area preparation, thus insuring the proper up keep of all equipment and the prevention of damage and loss of property
  • The rotation of all perishables on a daily basis, making sure that all containers are properly labeled, wrapped and stored. Thus reducing wastage to a minimum.
  • To ask the chef in charge of the section for extra information and training at all times
  • You will be required to carry out extra duties from time to time within the kitchen framework
  • To attend all kitchen and staff meetings
  • Food production should be done to the highest quality and standard of the resort and the guests’ expectations
  • Food service, handling and production should be done to the highest standards, thus creating a consistently high quality of standards
  • Ensure that the reputation and image of the food outlet of the resort be sustained and improved all the time
  • Maintain an excellent reputation in the eyes of the guest, management and staff
  • To contribute to a content, challenged and stable brigade


  • Attend all relevant daily, weekly and monthly meetings
  • Organize daily meetings / briefings within your department to ensure that all employees are kept up to date with all relevant information
  • Communicate to others clearly & always follow the correct lines of communication
  • Communicate immediately with the property GM to discuss department / property related issues that need attention and action.
  • Communicate and ask for assistance from your superior when faced with difficult problem or situation that you have not experienced before
  • Be available for your employees and be ready to coach, train & advise them
  • Show passion and sincerity through your verbal and non verbal communication, you are a Song Saa brand Ambassador
  • Be open to receive feedback and provide constructive feed back to others focusing on facts and not personal opinion
  • Offer each individual member of your team an annual appraisal that motivates and improves performance.
  • Follow all rules relating to confidentiality of property and company information and do not share information with inappropriate people




  • Ensure that you set the example for all other employees to follow with regards to grooming and appearance
  • Monitor the grooming standards of all employees and follow up appropriately to ensure that these standards are up held

Attitude and Behaviour

  • Follow all property rules (stated in handbook) as it is difficult to maintain discipline if you do not follow these 100%
  • If standards are not maintained follow up appropriately in order that your employees know that misbehavior is not acceptable.
  • Show your superiors that you want to improve – ask for help or training if you have difficulties
  • Use less busy times to review existing P&P’s and to undertake coaching training with your team
  • Create a supportive, respectful and creative environment within your department, be the example for others to follow.
  • Strive for constant improvements and takes responsibility for achieving business results and persevere despite obstacles
  • Align your department goals with those of Song Saa to ensure that the property benefits from your efforts.


Understand the Business

  • Demonstrate interest and develop knowledge of the issues relevant to your department & Song Saa
  • Demonstrate an understanding of competitors’ major strengths and weaknesses.


Guest Focus

  • Build and maintain positive relationships with guests, always aim to please and surprise them with your service levels.
  • Maintain a high level of product and service knowledge in order to explain and sell services and facilities to guests confidently.
  • Remain focused and pay attention to the guest at all times – anticipate their needs.



  • Generate new ideas and encourage creativity from your staff
  • Be creative when developing solutions to problems, Song Saa is built around innovation and uniqueness.


Team work

  • Demonstrate co-operation and trust with all to deliver positive results.
  • Interact with department and resort employees in a professional and positive manner to foster good rapport, promote team spirit and ensure effective two-way communication.



  • Be ready to adapt your approach to suit the needs of the guests and your colleagues.
  • Be receptive to new ideas and respond to workplace changes in a flexible and optimistic manner

Extra Duties

  • From time to time the property may ask you to undertake duties that are not included in this job description. You should agree to undertake these duties as long as the request is reasonable and will not affect your health, safety or security.

Position Requirements


  • I acknowledge that I have reviewed and understand the requirements and specifications of this job. I agree to carry out the duties and responsibilities noted on this Job Description.

About the Company

Song Saa Collective brings together the Song Saa Private Island, the Song Saa Foundation, and Song Saa Design to create one clear vision. Through integrated hospitality, retail, solar energy, and property and investment enterprises, as well as a standard-setting foundation, Hong Kong-based Song Saa Collective combines ethics-led business practices and needs-based activism to honour the past and build better futures throughout Southeast Asia and beyond. Song Saa’s first venture, the award-winning Song Saa Private Island, pioneered conservation-based luxury tourism in Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago, working with surrounding villages, the Cambodian government and the private sector to improve local livelihoods.The Song Saa Foundation was borne out of the founders' desire to retain the values of the Koh Rong Archipelago's people and their environment even further. It is dedicated to the protection of marine life, social and economic development, and conservation of mangrove and the rainforest with a vision focussed on protecting the region for future generations.Link with us to be a part of our journey as we continue to grow our brand as a leader of sustainable development in the private sector.

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