Airline careers in Cambodia?

The airline industry is a popular career choice in many countries, in particular emerging economies. As these countries develop themselves further, they attract more tourists, which in turn grows their economies. An added benefit to a tourism and aviation increase is that locals start to travel around the country more often and by plane, which boosts both industries.

For centuries Cambodia has been popular with tourists from all over the world. Thanks to the unquestionable beauty of the country, Cambodia can clearly be considered as one of the best valued destination for holidays in the world. This South and Southeast Asian aviation boom is not limited to just Cambodia, with the emergence of international carriers such as AirAsia and Jet Airways, South Asia has a lot of job opportunities for people in Aviation. Cambodia already has several international airports and plans to grow this number, putting Cambodia as a South Asian aviation hotbed.

What kind of jobs can you find?

There are a wide variety of jobs in the aviation industry, ranging from pilots and flight attendants to air-traffic controllers and airport security offers. The biggest employers in this industry are the country’s top carriers. These carriers are always on the lookout for captains, pilots, members of the cabin crew and even ground staff working behind the counter. The Aviation industry also employs people working in hospitality as the airlines require catering for their flights. If your skills are geared more towards the culinary professions you might find yourself with a job opportunity preparing meals for passengers. The job offers in the Aviation industry are not limited to private enterprises. You’ll also find regulatory bodies, like the Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Civil Aviation looking to fill job vacancies. For example, most international airports would have job offers and career options in quality control, customs, and security. You’re also likely to find various job roles related to airline maintenance and engineering, either for one of the airlines or for the airport.

How to land a job in the aviation industry?

As the aviation industry encompasses a broad range of jobs, there is no one qualification that you’ll need in order to land yourself a job. For example in order to become a pilot, you’ll need a good understanding of physics and math, have completed five GCSEs and two A-levels as well as attaining all the necessary licenses – a degree is not required, however you can choose to complete one to make yourself standout.

Air-traffic controllers require exceptional organizational skills, are quick with numeric computations, and are able to maintain their composure under immense pressure. Proficiency in English is a must as this is the default language of the Aviation industry worldwide. Many countries have Air Traffic control schools which eventually allows students to hold an Air Traffic Controller license. If you are looking to land a job working as a mechanic or engineer, you will most certainly need to obtain a technical degree – in mechanical or aviation engineering.

If you’re keen to work in the aviation industry but lack the necessary qualifications, you can consider working as a member of the cabin crew, usually to obtain a job role in this sector only requires experience in hospitality and perhaps certain height requirements.