Social Services Industry Jobs

Provided by the Government of Cambodia, these are a number of provisions made to better the lives of those living within the country. Social Services, otherwise known as public services aim to provide a number of utilities to the people of Cambodia that would otherwise be under provided by the market. These services have the goal of creating a more cohesive society, integrating the community, reducing inequality, and promoting opportunity.

Whilst a Social Services industry can be found in almost every country, some have more developed systems than others. The type of public services provided vary greatly with some countries having more emphasis on privatised services than those provided by the state. In recent years, the Government of Cambodia have put an emphasis on increasing the availability of Social Services as well as providing increased funds to allow this to happen. Society will always have, issues that require addressing. Care of children, unemployment and training, counseling, and other services fall under this category, meaning demand for these is considered stable in the industry. What does vary however, is the ideological approach taken by governments towards how extensively public services should be provided. With different political parties in power, the allocation of government spending to Social Services jobs in Cambodia varies, meaning salaries and jobs in industry will also vary.

Some public services are outsourced to be produced by private organisations. However, for the most part, they are provided by the state. This means that working in the industry often means a government job.

What jobs are available in the industry?

The most well-known jobs in the industry relate to looking after people in society. For example, working as a Social Worker involves helping people in their daily lives. This is highly variable but one example includes: performing background checks on foster parents and helping foster children settle into their new homes. Another example is monitoring children that have been taken into care.

The industry involves extensive administration – paperwork is an important component in tracking the cases of individuals and families. This means that a large number of Administration jobs are available within the industry. Providing care for elderly and sick people is also an important component in the industry, meaning Medical jobs are also available. Education is a big part of helping individuals improve their life, as such teachers are also essential in spotting signs of abuse in children. Public services also involve extensive transport provision, meaning jobs in Logistics are also present in the industry.

What skills does the industry require?

The skills required to enter the industry vary significantly. For those looking for Social Services jobs as social workers or similar, it is highly likely that you will require a degree level qualification in the area, for example, in social work or childcare. Those working in the industry should be empathetic as they need to understand and protect the interests of those they are looking out for. Social Services is an industry for people who care and want to make a difference to the lives of others in society.

Social Services Vacancies in Cambodia

If you have a love for helping people, this could be the perfect industry for you. Knowing that you’ve made the lives of others better can be an incredibly powerful and fulfilling, so if you think that this is the industry for you, apply through Everjobs now and find the very best positions that Cambodia has to offer.