Work in the hospitality business in Cambodia

The tourism industry has been on the rise for the past few years in Cambodia, and while hotels and resorts are being built across the country, managers and investors are looking to staff these new places with qualified people. As a result, there are many jobs in hospitality in Cambodia, and salaries are usually very attractive, no matter what job role you are working in. If you work in a high-end hotel, tips are also common from clients .

Hotels, as well as restaurants and wellness clubs, are in need of all kinds of qualified professionals, and require the well coordinated work of many people to operate smoothly and offer only the best experience to their customers. One of the biggest fields from which we can expect a strong upward momentum is leisure tourism and is one of the most demanding in terms of services. SPA, massages, special treatments and care – all these services need professional and dedicated staff.

What jobs in the hospitality industry are there in Cambodia?

You can land a job with client exposure and take care of customers’ needs on a range of different job roles :

  • You can work directly in the hotel staff as a receptionist, valet, or a maid.
  • You can also work in connected services, such as bars and restaurants, as a bartender, barista, or a waiter for example.

You can also choose to find a job in the back-end operation of a hotel or resort, with limited direct exposure to customers, although your job would still be to ensure they have the best experience possible. There are a number of job roles involved:

  • You can find a management position, working on the operations to make sure everything runs smoothly. You could also work on the reservation system administration, or on marketing depending on the size of the hotel .
  • Finally, if you are a cook, you will find a number of exciting opportunities in the hospitality industry. There are many chef vacancies opening up regularly all across the country.

What are the requirements to land a job in the hospitality industry?

Specific requirements vary widely according to the job you’re aiming for. However, there is one requirement for every job in the industry: being client-oriented. Even if you don’t get to meet the customers directly on your everyday job, hotels are all about their customers. Everything in the hospitality industry is designed to make the customer’s experience as memorable as possible. Other than that, so long as you have the relevant degree and working experience, you should have no difficulty in landing a job in the hospitality industry in Cambodia.

If you are considering working in the hotel business, you should also keep in mind that the tourism industry has very high seasonality, meaning that you would have to be flexible on your working hours during the peak season. In most cases, you would have shorter working hours during the down season to compensate for that flexibility. Turnover is also typically high in the industry, meaning that training new employees could be a significant part of your job. Being patient will go a long way in making your job easier.

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