Looking for a job in Siem Reap

Current employment trends in Siem Reap

Thanks to its fantastic location and beautiful natural landscape, Siem Reap is a hot destination for tourism in Cambodia. The types of employment opportunities in the city are geared strongly towards tourism and hospitality. Thanks to a strong tourism boom, the main business centre has flourished in recent years. If you’re a professional with experience in hospitality and tourism, your skills will be highly valued here, especially considering the city has been growing at a phenomenal rate, in line with the year-on-year double-digit growth in tourism. The city is home to many 5-star hotels, hundreds of budget guest houses and beautiful chic resorts, meaning the jobs in Siem Reap are catered to anyone who is looking to work in the tourism industry. Job opportunities in the city are not only limited to tourism, thanks to the city’s popularity with foreigners, a number of excellent shopping opportunities exist around the Psar Chas area. With the hot shopping district comes a vibrant night life. Meaning if you’re looking to work in hospitality, event planning or for a pub. If you’re looking to work for an NGO or a non-profit, you’ll find plenty of job opportunities in Siem Reap as many organisations operate in and around the area.

Along with tourism, Siem Reap has experienced a regular increase in both agriculture and fishing industries of the area. The city exports thousands of tons of fresh stock to other provinces within the country or outside Cambodia. If you work in agriculture, fishing or even logistics you’ll find there will be some opportunity in the city. Although the vast majority of fruit cutting in the area is performed by the poor rural population, and the industry is still considered an underdog when compared to other parts of Cambodia.

A brief look at the city

According to some, the name Siem Reap which is translated to Defeat of Siam, comes from the centuries-old conflict between the Siamese (modern day Thailand) and Khmer peoples. Specifically when King Ang Chan defeated the Siamese King Maha Chakkraphat in 1549. Although whether this is the true origin of the name is debated by scholars. Whatever the origins of the name, it’s hard to deny the majestic beauty and astounding wonder Siem Reap has to offer visitors and locals. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor Wat is located within the Siem Reap province. Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world. The site is a major tourist destination, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Siem Reap is also home to several other famous temples, including: Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm, Preah Khan and Phnom Bakheng to name a few.

In terms of transportation, the city is just 7km from the Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport, which gives international tourists easy access to the city and World Heritage sites. If you’re looking for a more scenic route, the road from Poipet, Thailand to Siem Reap was sealed in 2013, which means the journey from Thailand to Cambodia is much faster and safer – taking only 6-10 hours. Thanks to its small size, you can walk around the city in no time and many of the attractions in Siem Reap are accessible on foot. However visiting some of the attractions further out from the city centre (like Angkor Wat) will require either a taxi, motorbike or tuk tuk. Living in Siem Reap is not too expensive as a meal will set you back $3.00, basic utilities will on average cost $66.67 per month. If you’re looking to live in the city centre you should expect to pay around $258 per month for a one bedroom apartment. If you’re willing to travel but are looking to save on rent, a one bedroom apartment, on average, will cost $135. The average monthly salary in Siem Reap is $128.75, which isn’t high, but is partly due to many of the rural residents. Siem Reap is not a good place to get sick or to injure yourself as the care is often limited or very expensive. Sometimes it’s both limited and expensive, if you’re seriously ill, you’re best to head to Bangkok.

What kind of job opportunities are available in Siem Reap?

The city is the main tourist destination of Cambodia. Thanks to the World Heritage sites and stunning scenery, Siem Reap has seen a huge year-on-year increase in tourism the industries with the most opportunity are in the services industry. Tourism will have the most job vacancies in Siem Reap. Many hotels, restaurants and bars will need more than just front of house staff, job seekers will find plenty of job opportunities in accounting and finance in the city. For the budding sale representatives out there, Siem Reap has plenty of opportunities to offer you with numerous roles in sales available in the city.

If you’re looking for your next big move in Cambodia, why not consider Siem Reap? There is so much to offer in this city, and so much to see. If you’re keen to find your next big opportunity or your dream job, have a look at Everjobs.com.kh and see what vacancies are available in Siem Reap.